house Cocktails

(all cocktails minimum 2oz)


sea wench

phillip’s ‘stump’ gin, cedar rye, green chartreuse, dry vermouth


mezcal, lillet rose, quince, habanero

snow monkey

salal gin, sake, amaro nonino, lime, tiki bitters

black mamba

famous grouse smokey black, spiced honey liqueur, amaro di angostura, benedictine, reagan’s orange bitters



cedar sour

cedar infused rye, lemon, thyme, egg white

the sun has reached the yard arm

jamaican rum, apricot, allspice, ginger, honey,lime, sparkling wine, black walnut bitters

Pickle & Smoke

a double caesar made with smoked salmon infused vodka and garnished with house made pickles and local seafood

seven nights in puerto

reposado tequila, white port,nectarine liqueur, citrus, celery leaf bitters, egg white

local legends

made with bc spirits exclusively


orca airways

oakanagan spirits ‘BRBN’ bourbon style whisky, legen distilling ‘naramaro’ amaro, bitterhouse ladame orange aperitif, lemon

nocino NEGRONI

wayward distillation house ‘unruly’ gin, odd society bittersweet vermouth, ampersand green walnut nocino

corpse reviver #2

tofino old growth gin, legend distilling ‘manitou’ orange & sumac liqueur, clos du soleil ‘saturn’ late harvest sauvignon blanc, lemon, taboo absinthe



wayward distillation house ‘unruly’ gin, phllips artisanal dry tonic, grapefruit, thyme

smoked rosemary G&T

legend distiling ‘black moon’ smoked rosemary infused gin, phillips artisanal dry tonic

chi chi

pacific rim distilling “humpback” vodka, legend distilling ‘naramaro’ amaro, spiced pineapple, coconut

no alcohol

the body is a temple

fresh orange, hibiscus grenadine, lemon thyme, soda

winter tonic

grapefruit, sage, orange blossom water, tonic

birkenstocks n’ socks

vegan oat milk, quince, orange, cinnamon

cynamoka cream soda

cynamoka berry syrup, lemon, soda, tonka bean, cream



side car

courvoisier v.s. cognac, pierre ferrand dry curacao, lemon, sugar rim


monkey shoulder blended scotch, ardbeg 10 year, ginger honey, lemon

old cuban

plantation original dark rum, lime, mint, angostura bitters, marie demets champagne

the iron heel

shelter point single malt, lustau east india sherry, bittersweet vermouth, green walnut, sweet grass bitters

punch bowls


bulleit with butterfly wings

bulleit bourbon, bergamot, maraschino, honey, lemon, black pepper bitters, hard apple cider

smokin’ in the boy’s room

peated scotch, amontillado sherry, amaro di angostura, orgeat, lemon, chili chocolate bitters, rooibos





driftwood ‘arcus’ pilsner
driftwood ‘cry me a river’ gose
four winds ‘la maison’ saison
hoyne ‘dark matter’ ale
hoyne ‘down easy’ pale ale
persephone brewing co. ipa
phillip’s brewing ‘analog 78’ kolsch
tofino brewing co. tuff session ale
rotaing ‘wolf’ tap – ask for our current offering M/P




dominon craft cider co. ‘dry hopped’

orchard hill ‘red roof’ draft cider

saltspring wild ‘elderberry/flower’ cider

sea cider ‘bramble’ blackberry apple cider

omission gluten free pale ale

tofino brewing co. lager



dressed up brews

pop n pils

gingerbeer, pilsner, lemon

off the deep end

dark ale, black raspberry liqueur, cynamoka berry, rooibos tea, lemon

love it or lambic

gose, cherry liqueur, white vermouth

golden hour

ipa, spiced honey liqueur, orange, lemon



an americano with a shot of hailey’s fig cream liqueur

mind, toddy & soul

bourbon, fernet branca, ginger, lemon, passionfruit

shaken irish coffee

irish whiskey, espresso, heavy cream, cardamom, nutmeg

Amaro coke float

amaro montenegro, vanilla ice cream, coca-cola